When employers expect employees to work from home then employers are required to reimburse all expenses involved in providing and maintaining the employees’ home offices. The reason for this rule is to prevent employers from passing on operating expenses to employees. It does not matter whether home office expenses are paid for by a third person, or at all. See, Labor Code Section 2802.

Home office expenses that must be paid – and which employers frequently fail to reimburse – include:

  • Phones and monthly plans (landline or cell phone) for making or receiving work phone calls, emails, or text messages;
  • The reasonable cost of necessary home office utilities such as internet, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, water, electricity, and garbage service;
  • Furniture and supplies necessary to operate a home office;

Under California law, employees have the right to file a civil claim for both damages and penalties where home office expenses are not fully reimbursed. This law is important because the cost of operating an office from home can add up over time — not just for you but for your co-workers as well.


You Have The Right To Contact A Lawyer About Your Rights

If your employer is not reimbursing you for your home office expenses then you have the right to contact an attorney to discuss your rights free of charge.

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