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The attachment (PDF) below is the “Complaint” – the written document that begins a civil lawsuit on behalf of our clients.

The attachment (“Order”) below discuss Righetti Glugoski, P.C.’s success in litigating this lawsuit on behalf of our clients.

This formal legal filing includes the significant facts of the case and the various laws and regulations which apply. It shows how the actions of the defendant harmed our client(s) and asks the court for a judgement. This can include both monetary awards and/or an injunction, a court order that a company or individual change their future conduct or fix a past wrong.

Every lawsuit is unique, based on the circumstances of the case and the individuals involved. Sometimes the defendant may readily acknowledge the wrongdoing and want to negotiate a fair settlement… or become hostile and aggressively fight every aspect of the lawsuit. But no matter how the situation unfolds, the Complaint lays the foundation for any court litigation that follows.


*Legal filings are often complicated, written using technical language and structure that can be hard for the average person to understand! They’re designed to play a very specific role within our legal system.

But the most important thing to know is creating a well-written complaint is an acquired skill. When you work with Righetti · Glugoski, P.C., you have a team of attorneys on your side with decades of experience – who’ve successfully gone through this entire process many times!


If you have any questions about this filing or any others, or have a question about employee rights, privacy litigation, consumer protections, tort law class action lawsuits or arbitration, contact us today.

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