Recent Investigations

National Labor Relations Board

Righetti Glugoski has achieved numerous victories on behalf of clients based on grievances filed at the NLRB in cases alleging that employers engaged in unfair labor practices by demanding mandatory individual arbitration of employee disputes. Righetti Glugoski has been successful obtaining orders that employers arbitration programs violate the NLRA and ordering that employers cease and desist from NLRA violations.

  1. Goss vs. Ross
  2. Rosales vs. UPCS
  3. Papke vs. Network Capital
Class Action Lawsuits Rocket Mortgage Wage Cases

Update for Rocket Mortgage California mortgage bankers. A motion for class certification has...

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Educational Blog COVID-19 UPDATE

COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact on America’s workforce as workers and small businesses ...

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Class Action Lawsuits Single issue class certification

Employers frequently misclassify workers to avoid paying premium overtime wages.  Failing t...

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Recent Settlements

Failure to Provide Seats
Violation of FCRA
Meal and Rest breaks
Misclassification of AMs
Misclassification of fast food managers
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