Wage Statement Violations

Have you ever received a paycheck, but had no idea which hours you were being paid for or how your pay was being calculated? Have unexplained fees been deducted from your paycheck? If so, your rights may have been violated.

Under the California Labor Code, employers are required to give individuals an itemized wage statement that lists your wages, overtime pay, hours worked and more. Failing to provide the itemized statement on your pay stub is considered a wage statement violation and subjects the employer to damages and penalties.

At Righetti • Glugoski, P.C., in San Francisco, our attorneys stand up for the victims of wage statement violations by taking action in California state and federal courts. Our attorneys have years of courtroom experience handling complex class actions, employment-related issues and more. In fact, our law firm was one of the first local law firms to develop a wage-and-hour practice starting back in the 1990s. We have a reputation for success in this area and have recovered millions for our clients in wage and hour claims.

Recovering Compensation For Wage Statement Violations

You may be entitled to compensation from your employer for wage statement violations. You may be entitled to recover $50 for an initial violation, $100 for additional violations and up to $4,000. The law also says your employer should pay your attorney's fees if it is found to have violated the law.

However, each situation is different. It is important to talk with an attorney at Righetti • Glugoski, P.C., before making major legal decisions about your paycheck. We help explain what your pay stubs should include, what your employer is responsible for and the consequences for an employer's noncompliance.

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