Expense Reimbursement And Your Employer

Protecting Your Rights When You've Been Forced To Pay

A young employee was excited to start his new job at the repair shop, but he was frustrated his employer required him to buy many of his own tools, buy certain clothes, glasses, gloves, boots, etc. "I don't make enough money to be able to afford these," he thought. "Isn't it my employer's job to provide these items for work? Shouldn't they reimburse me for the money I've spent?"

If you work in a position where you are required to use tools and other items, you should know you have certain rights under the law. In California, you are generally entitled to reimbursement for tools, clothes, cleaning of uniforms, products such as cellphones and other supplies you pay for yourself.

This includes:

  • Use of a vehicle
  • Buying safety equipment (glasses, boots, etc.)
  • Cash shortages (not reimbursing in payroll)
  • Use of a cellphone or replacing a damaged cell phone
  • Uniforms and/or clothes, including laundry and cleaning

Under the law, you can file a civil claim against your employer, seeking compensation if you are not properly reimbursed. This is important because the costs of tools can add up over time — not just for you but for your co-workers, too. If your employer's policy is to pass on the expense of tools and supplies to employees, it could be breaking the law in order to profit. Your employer should be held accountable.

You Have The Right To Contact A Lawyer

Whether your employer is not reimbursing you in a timely manner or not reimbursing you at all for the costs of tools, products and cash shortages at work — you have the right to contact an attorney and pursue a claim. At Righetti • Glugoski, P.C., we are ready to help.

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