Am I Entitled To Pay For The Time It Takes To Report To Work?

A local restaurant had a policy of overstaffing for certain shifts. If business was slow, half of the servers would be cut and sent home without any pay for that shift. Over time, the servers began to wonder if their employer's actions were legal.

As an employee in California, you may be entitled to partial pay for reporting to work and getting cut early. Lack of proper scheduling for shifts and failure to pay reporting time pay is a violation of your rights.

Reporting Time Pay For California Employees

Our San Francisco law firm, Righetti · Glugoski, P.C., has decades of experience representing workers in wage and hour claims and class actions in California state and federal courts. As experienced lawyers, we have in-depth knowledge of the law on an employer's obligation to pay you for reporting to work, even if you are sent home.

In California, reporting time pay is calculated based on a number of factors. If an employee shows up to work, but is only needed for some/part of the shift, he or she is entitled to a specific amount of pay. Reporting time pay in excess of 40 hours per week is not used for overtime calculations.

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There are specific situations where reporting time pay is required, but employers frequently fail to pay employees the reporting time they are owed. If this is the case, you may be able to file a claim against your employer with help from the attorneys at Righetti · Glugoski, P.C.

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