Overtime: Pay Rate Calculations For California

A sales representative put in extra hours on the phone with a customer, staying late at the office on multiple nights to close the deal. He thought his paycheck was going to be large, but was disappointed when it came. His overtime hours had been calculated without taking into account the commission he'd earned.

Situations like his happen every day in California. They're common, but they are also illegal. The same can be true for bonus payments that are not included in the overtime rate calculations. Many people just don't speak up because they either do not know their rights, or they're worried about getting in trouble with their employers or potentially losing their jobs.

If You Are Being Forced To Work Unpaid Overtime, The Law Protects You

If you are working overtime and not being paid the correct overtime rate, you should know the law protects you. It also prevents your employer from retaliating against you for speaking up. You should also know the lawyers at Righetti • Glugoski, P.C., can help protect your rights under the law.

Overtime pay in California is 1.5 times the wages you earn in every pay period. Anything over eight hours per day, or 40 hours in a workweek, is eligible for overtime pay, and these rates are calculated based on all wages earned in the pay period including the employee's regular wages, commissions and other bonus pay. Your overtime rate should be calculated to include any extra compensation earned from commissions or bonuses — not solely based on your regular wage.

If bonus and commission pay is left out of your overtime pay calculations, you are likely being underpaid illegally. You may be entitled to more compensation for your overtime rate and need a lawyer to help you in pursuing the compensation you are owed from your employer. We handle a broad range of issues, including overtime pay disputes, overtime rate calculation disputes, commission pay issues and more.

Overtime pay and issues concerning exempt/nonexempt employees are particularly prominent in California. Employees involved in overtime pay disputes deserve to be represented by an aggressive attorney who is willing to take your case to court to fight to win.

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