Standing Up For Employees Pressured Into Working Off-The-Clock

When her shift time was over, a manager told an employee to clock out and then finish closing the store, as well as to return items from the dressing rooms to the right spots on the racks. It took her an hour of working off-the-clock to get the work done.

A writer felt overwhelmed by the strict deadlines at his new job. How was everybody getting this work done in 40 hours? Then, his co-workers took him aside and told him, "Everybody here works off-the-clock sometimes." He didn't want to look like a slacker, so he started putting in unreported evening hours, too.

A worker finds the pay clock rounds time to the nearest 10 or 15 minutes at the beginning and end of each day. So, a clock-in at 8:55 a.m. is rounded to 9 a.m. and a clock out at 5:10 p.m. is rounded to 5 p.m. This is illegal.

Employees are entitled to pay for all the hours they work. If your job requires you to clock into work early, stay late or round off your times, your employer is breaking the law. You should know you are entitled to be paid for that time. State and federal laws protect your rights.

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Rounding Time And Off-The-Clock Work In California

Rounding time (pre- and post-work shift) can ultimately prevent an employee from getting the full amount of wage compensation he or she deserves. If you are required to clock out early, attend mandatory meetings or training without pay, or your time is rounded so you may not be getting paid for all the actual time you work, you may be able to file a civil action for compensation.

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