Commission Pay: Lawyers Who Will Protect Your Rights

Commission pay in California has very specific rules. If you work in a position where there are commission incentives, it is important you understand the basics about pay, verbal promises for pay and whether or not you can pursue a claim for unpaid commissions.

Righetti • Glugoski, P.C., is an established Bay Area law firm that represents individuals throughout the entire state of California. We focus much of our practice on class action lawsuits and employment-related issues. Our attorneys advocate for individuals/employees who have been wronged by their employer or those who are involved in disputes with a business or employer.

Sales Commission Disputes And Your Claim

In California, the law varies a little by industry, but generally all commission pay agreements must be done in writing, and the terms of the written agreement can't change; once the sale has been made or the job has been completed, your employer cannot change the commission plan in an attempt to pay you less than what was promised. Failure to provide a written agreement regarding commission pay is illegal. Also, once a commission is earned then the employer is required to pay the commission even if you stop working for the employer.

The courts look at the language of your commission contract when considering whether or not your employer unfairly denied you commission. All parts of the contract are considered, even the fine print that employees may have skimmed over. Because the details are so important, it is critical to talk to an experienced attorney about your specific situation.

At Righetti • Glugoski, P.C., our lawyers can review your contract language to see if your employer broke the law. We will gather the facts of your case so we can aggressively pursue your claim and protect your interests.

Years of experience have helped us develop in-depth knowledge of wage/hour laws and how they apply to situations involving unpaid sales commission and disputes over commission pay amounts. We help our clients secure the payment they are owed by their employers.

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