Get The Pay You Deserve For Your On-Call Or Stand-By Time

Some jobs require employees to be on call and available for call backs to finish or start a shift — effectively putting the employee on standby for a specific amount of time. If your job requires you to be on standby, you should know the law protects your rights, requiring your employer to reimburse you if certain conditions are met.

If you think your employer is cutting corners by asking you to be on call without paying you, talking to a lawyer at Righetti • Glugoski, P.C., is the best approach. Our San Francisco law firm has a well-earned reputation for protecting the rights of workers in California state and federal courts. Since the 1990s, much of our work has involved handling wage-and-hour class actions against some of the largest employers on behalf of underpaid employees.

Just Because You're Waiting Around Doesn't Mean You Shouldn't Get Paid

Employees in California may be entitled to pay for being on call, waiting around for standby call ins and for call backs to return to work shifts. However the law can be complicated, and whether or not your employer is required to reimburse you depends on your individual situation. Courts often look to the requirements your employer puts on you while you're waiting.

For example, employers may be required to pay for your time if they:

  • Require you to be on the job site, at the office or within a few miles radius while you're waiting
  • Require you to respond within a certain time limit
  • Make it challenging for you to trade your on-call responsibilities with another employee
  • Restrict your personal activities while you're waiting
  • Control your travel to and from work, including requiring you to meet at a certain place and use the employer's designated transportation

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