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At Righetti • Glugoski, P.C., in San Francisco, we are known for handling complex class action lawsuits throughout the state of California. In these cases, we ask courts to enforce state and federal laws — taking action to protect employee rights, stop the telemarketing industry from initiating bothersome phone calls and texts, protecting privacy in the event of a data breach and prosecuting a wide variety of other important rights.

We're one of the few law firms that maintain a proven track record litigating such complex cases. For 30 years, our practice has been devoted to complex class action litigation that includes taking on Fortune 500 companies including global information companies, hospitals, credit reporting agencies, telemarketing companies, high tech companies in Silicon Valley, national retail chains and major players in the fast food industry.

Class action litigation is highly complex and continues to change. As the law changes, we remain in the forefront of these changes through our legislative efforts. Our lawyers regularly speak on panels that involve class action issues, helping other attorneys stay informed about the best methods for bringing – and winning -- class action lawsuits.

Our experience handling class action lawsuits helps us protect our clients' rights when:

  • Telemarketers and creditors make harassing and illegal calls
  • Data breaches expose customers and employees to the risk of identity theft
  • Employees are deliberately misclassified as exempt or independent contractors
  • Employers illegally refuse to provide seats and force employees to stand at their jobs
  • Employers fail to pay employees for driving time
  • Employers illegally deny payment of commissions
  • Employers fail to pay overtime that employees have earned
  • Employers don't itemize pay stubs or disclose how much they are paying for what
  • Employees are denied off-duty meal and rest breaks the law says they can have
  • Employers make employees work off the clock
  • Employers wrongly deny reimbursement for tools and expenses

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